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At TIK we strive to provide the means for each and every child in our care to forge their own path. We have selected some comments from parents so that you can get a better understanding of TIK.

  1. 1

    Zenya & Kenzo’s Mom

    TIK teaches to the individual child's level of ability and proficiency, and gives them the opportunity to enjoy learning in a relaxed, homey atmosphere. My sons absolutely loved the school's science experiments and its many events. I'm also impressed by the school's novel program of enrichment education, such as yoga, meditation, and panica. We were at the school for just over two years, but my sons were given a strong foundation in reading and writing in both Japanese and English, as well as arithmetic. I feel this has set them up well for an IB education at an International School.

  2. 2

    Kotone’s mom

    My daughter enjoyed every day at TIK thanks to how warmly all the teachers and staff treated her. Seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas involved both children and parents, making this a memorable time for the whole family. The teachers' ingenuity meant that kids were able to learn while having fun, and my daughter loved her time doing science experiments, art projects, dancing and singing. I really believe that going to TIK nurtured my daughter's intellectual curiosity and creativity.

  3. 3

    Noorah’s mom

    My daughter absolutely loved the monthly Friday Family Circle Time. She happily put in hours of effort practicing her songs, dances and presentations for the event. She really enjoyed having her mom, dad and friends see what she'd been working on. But the biggest change was how much confidence she gained. Before TIK, she was shy and would often struggle to state her own opinions. Since she started at TIK she has learned to express herself and that it's OK to be wrong. Now she can state her opinions with confidence.

  4. 4

    Sara & Yugo’s mom

    My kids have learned so much from TIK's educational approach that respects the individual and values taking the initiative. I also enjoyed how the teachers would tell me about some funny little things that they did, or how cute they were working so hard on something whenever I went to pick up the kids at school or events. I can sense the warmth and care with which they look after the children. TIK has also put us in touch with some wonderful families that respect national and cultural differences. These people are now some of our closest friends.

  5. 5

    Naoki’s Mom

    We decided to start potty training early because we were already planning to move overseas. We were only able to do this at a time when toilet breaks were so regular thanks to the patient support of the teachers. The school also emphasizes academics, and without any practice at home, my son was able to read the whole alphabet and do additions by age two. We left the school when we moved, but continue to send Naoki to TIK for short periods when we are back in Japan. TIK always welcomes him with open arms, and he just loves it there.

  6. 6

    Rinichi’s Mom

    I am a fan of TIK's dependable curriculum, so much so that I moved my child here for the last year after two years at another International School. At the other school there was no way to gauge progress in English, but TIK's Reading System and clear assessment method, along with their twice monthly presentation days meant that progress was palpable. Monthly and weekly learning goals were clearly stated and I was pleasantly surprised that they were emailed to me. This meant my son's English skills rocketed ahead in one year and he was able to pass Eiken grade pre-2. The school stimulated his curiosity and he was always so eager to go to school. He extended his strengths and had an extremely fulfilling year.