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Why TIK?

Educational Philosophy

We believe that every activity is
an opportunity for growth and learning,
whether it be through play, daily routines,
social interactions, or academics. At TIK, learning is everywhere!

The language of learning is 100% English, apart from Japanese language and culture classes. We provide a richly varied curriculum which allows children the opportunity to discover and wonder.

We nurture children to become confident to state their own thoughts and opinions in front of others.
We nurture children to think and act for themselves.
We nurture children's self-esteem and their appreciation for those around them.

We encourage children to not only reach their potential, but also to act as leaders on the world stage.

What is “whole-child” education?

"Whole-child" education is based on the concept that children are "whole" and acknowledges that children need to have experiences that foster their intellect, body control and expression, creativity, musical talents, relationships, and so much more!

We know that it is important to educate children by giving them a range of experiences which can solidify their understanding of concepts, as well as monitoring, evaluating, and sharing their progress.

We believe that every activity is an opportunity for growth and learning, whether it be through play, movement, music, sensory experiences, scientific exploration, social interactions, or academics. We identify and extend each child's strengths and assist them in areas where they are not yet comfortable.

By providing a rich learning environment, we nourish a child’s sense of achievement and their desire to persevere with their learning. We provide them with a tool box full of experience, knowledge and understanding.

At TIK, learning is everywhere! The experiences and growth opportunities your child encounters at TIK are sure to lead to new discoveries and ever greater ability to reach for the stars!