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First Cambridge Early Years
Certified School in Japan

Nurturing Future Leaders with a World-Class Curriculum

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Challenging children’s minds with hands on and practical experiences is the key to fostering a child's ability to forge their own path in life.
With a firm eye on your child's future, we aim to bring out their best with a practical and holistic approach to your child’s development. 

Why TIK?

A place to think for yourself, learn and grow.

TIK International School is an international school that nurtures children to become the leaders of tomorrow through a “whole-child” approach to education that looks for the best in each and every child.
In the coming era, self-confidence will be the tool by which children will navigate their own path. At TIK, we provide an education and an environment aimed at achieving these goals.

About TIK


TIK Features

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    A unique curriculum that embodies
    the “whole-child” approach to education

    We provide a rich curriculum based upon the “whole-child” approach to education which aims to foster all aspects of the mind and body as well as emotional, social and artistic development in a balanced manner. Our "cross-curricular" approach develops well-rounded children. We aim to deepen the children's learning and focus on their understanding of concepts. Children are encouraged to show initiative as well as think and act for themselves. We also bring out the best in children by providing pull-out lessons that are developed to meet their individual needs and take them to the next step in their learning.

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    Teacher training and rich lesson content

    All our teachers are fully trained professionals, and many have international teaching experience. The lessons are regularly evaluated to ensure the highest standard of education for your child.

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    Creating a sense of community with families as partners

    We strive to provide an environment where parents feel part of our community and are comfortable discussing concerns they have about their child.

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    An Education that values Japanese culture

    We value providing an education that also embraces Japanese language and culture so that the children can shine in any environment and be Truly International Kids!

TIK Features


Class Levels

TIK addresses the individual learning needs of children in each of the classes.