At TIK we understand that a child’s only chance of reaching their full potential is if their home life and school life are intimately connected. The only way this is possible is if a child’s parents and educational professionals keep an open, transparent, and supportive relationship. At TIK we proudly embrace the responsibility of partnering with families to help provide children with the cohesive care they need to actualize their potential. We want to ensure that the same values you reinforce at home are being reinforced in classroom and playground, and that the academic principals being learned in the classroom are being strengthened at home. At TIK we employ the following strategies to enhance this vital partnership:

  • Daily face to face and weekly written communication regarding your child
  • Weekly “TIK Week at a Glance” email that outlines all of your child’s programs and activities for the upcoming week
  • Termly face to face parent teacher conferences and open houses
  • Termly Coffee Sessions with the school director where parents will have the opportunity to discuss their concerns and ideas for the future direction of the school
  • Educational development opportunities for both parents and teachers
  • TIK Parents Association


Choosing an early education center can be one of the most difficult and stressful choices for a family. Every parent wants the best for their child. The question you may be asking yourself is… why TIK?

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*Age 18 months – 2.4 years

*Age 2.5 to 3.5 years

*Age 3.6 to 4.9 years

*Age 5 to 6 years