01 - Do I need to pay extra to enroll my child in Summer School?

No, one of the major benefits of enrolling your child full-time at TIK is TIK’s 12-month school system. Children at TIK are enrolled all year long and therefore are automatically enrolled in our Summer School program at no extra charge! Day Pass or Enrichment Course students are not eligible for automatic Summer School enrollment and must register for the program.

02 - Can my child do a make-up lesson if they need to miss class?

Yes, TIK is incredibly flexible with scheduling and allows makeup lessons for all of our main programs. Makeup lessons must be scheduled within the same week or at the start of the following week. All makeup lessons are subject to available spacing.  For 3-month after school courses, one makeup lesson per course is allowed.

03 - Does TIK have a lunch catering service?

Yes, TIK offers a lunch catering service through Tsukukane Catering Company. The lunches are a set Japanese menu, which are specifically made for children. Any children that have allergy restrictions or dietary restrictions based on religion or personal preference are strongly encouraged to bring their own lunches from home. Sample photos of the school lunches and pricing are available at the school office.

04 - Do TIK children have opportunities for outdoor play?

Yes, TIK children have park time everyday. Morning Program children have 45 minutes of park time per day and Afternoon Program children have 30 minutes per day. Park time at TIK consists both of free play and organized activities such as ball games, jumping rope, and other motor skill activities.

05 - In the event of Emergency, how does TIK respond?

The health and safety of our children are our top priority at TIK and therefore TIK has extremely detailed emergency preparedness plans. Upon enrolling at the school all TIK Families receive a copy of our Emergency and Safety Handbook, which outlines the details of all of our emergency plans. Please feel free to contact the office for a copy of the Emergency and Safety Handbook. All families are responsible for reading, understanding, and following the guidelines outlined in the handbook. If you need support with any of the contents of the handbook, then please notify a TIK staff member immediately.

06 - When children graduate from TIK do they move on to International or Japanese schools?

TIK firmly believes in providing children with the necessary tools to successfully enter both International and Japanese elementary schools. TIK balances its world-class international educational programming with Japanese language, culture, and values education to successfully prepare all our children for life in Japan and beyond. Our graduates have successfully gained entry to International Schools, Private Japanese Schools, and Public Japanese Schools.  Please contact the main office for a list of schools that TIK graduates have moved on to.

07 - Can I observe classes at TIK?

Yes, TIK offers Open House sessions twice a year, which are open to all TIK Families and the public. During Open House sessions families and prospective families are able to spend an entire school day observing classes at TIK. Additionally, short class observations can be arranged on other days at the discretion of the Director and are handled on a case-by-case basis. TIK’s top priority lies with the education and care of our children. Frequent interruptions to a child’s classroom can impede the learning process, so we do our best to keep distractions to an absolute minimum.

08 - Do parents have an opportunity to be involved in their child’s life at TIK?

Yes, TIK parents have tremendous opportunity to be a major part of their child’s school life.  TIK offers all parents 60 minutes of “Community Time” each day, where they have the opportunity to be inside of the school, play with their children, talk with their child’s teachers, and meet other parents. TIK also offers a host of family school events and field trips each year where parents are able to attend. Additionally, all parents are able to participate in “Friday Family Circle Time”, which is offered every Friday!

09 - Does TIK provide an English environment?

Yes, TIK provides a 100% English environment and this is a major part of our school culture. TIK children do a wonderful job at speaking English at all times, whether it be during classes, snack time, lunch time, or park time. We believe that the seeds of language growth are planted inside of the classroom, but that language truly blossoms outside of the classroom. This is why an English environment is such an important part of our school culture. TIK children are permitted to speak Japanese only during Japanese lessons.

10 - Does TIK have a good mix of both International and Japanese families?

Yes, TIK has an excellent mix of both International and Japanese families. Approximately 70% of our children are of a mixed nationality background, 15% are of pure international background, and the final 15% have a pure Japanese background. At TIK we have children from the US, UK, Australia, South Africa, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Korea.

11 - Can I enroll my child at TIK anytime?

Yes, TIK has an year-round open enrollment policy to fit the diverse needs of families. TIK accepts new enrollments at anytime throughout the year and also is open to accepting temporary enrollments for families on a short-term post in Tokyo.

12 - Does TIK teach Japanese and Japanese culture?

Yes, TIK children study Japanese language, culture, and values for 30 minutes each day. TIK firmly believes in preparing children for success in life in Japan and beyond. TIK’s Japanese program provides children with the tools they need not only for life in Japan, but also provides a foundation for them to successfully enter the Japanese school system in the future. TIK’s Japanese program is offered to Morning Program and All Day Program students only.

13 - Since TIK has a 12-month school system, can my family take a Summer holiday?

Yes, all TIK families are entitled to a 2-week unpaid vacation per year. Please just notify the office about the dates of your holiday and you will not be charged for those two weeks.

14 - Is there parking space available at TIK?

Yes, TIK has its own reserved parking space. Our parking space is space #1 and is identified by our school logo on the parking cones. Use of TIK’s parking space is for short-term use only. We ask that each family abide by a 5-minute time limit during peak drop off and pick up times in order to allow all commuting families to have use of the space.

15 - Does TIK have school uniforms?

No, TIK does not have school uniforms. During outdoor play or field trips we use TIK park hats in order to assist with the identification of all TIK children. Your child will receive their own TIK park hat upon enrollment to the school.

16 - Does TIK have aftercare services?

Yes, TIK has extended care until 8pm everyday. TIK also offers a full Afternoon Preschool and Kindergarten Program, as well as a host of afterschool enrichment courses.

17 - Can I do a trial lesson?

Yes, TIK offers free trial lessons for all of our main programs. Trial lessons for enrichment courses are unavailable.

18 - What is Friday Family Circle Time?

Friday Family Circle Time is a weekly family event held every Friday afternoon at TIK. Families have the opportunity to join their children as they partake in various performances and demonstrations that highlight what they have been learning throughout the week. Friday Family Circle Time is an exciting and fun way to end each week as a caring community and family!

19 - How does TIK handle bullying?

TIK has a zero tolerance policy on bullying. All TIK children talk about bullying in their classes and are taught to be respectful of one another. Any incidence of bullying at TIK is taken extremely seriously. All children involved in a bullying incident are counseled and parents are contacted to discuss the issue.  If after repeated counseling a child continues to bully other children, TIK reserves the right to remove the bullying child from the school.

20 - Do TIK children have the opportunity to swim during the Summer?

Yes, TIK children who have finished their toilet training and are above the age of 3 years old have the opportunity to go swimming every Thursday.  Children are taken to Shiba Park Pool for Swim Time and are monitored by TIK staff and PTA members at a 1:2 ratio.

21 - Does TIK support families with academic counseling to plan for their children’s future?

Yes, TIK provides full academic counseling and support for all TIK families. TIK can provide school recommendations, assist with school applications, write letters of recommendation, and prepare school reports as necessary to help support our children’s successful transition into their next school.

22 - Does TIK have a bus service?

TIK currently has no active bus service, but it interested in starting a bus service once enough families are interested. There is a bus service interest form at the front entrance of the school. If you are interested in having a bus service at TIK, then please fill out the form next time you stop by the school.

23 - Can you help me to understand TIK's tuition payment system?

Understanding TIK Tuition: Like any school TIK has a yearly tuition rate. However, at TIK this rate is conveniently spread across the year in 12 monthly payments. This is done to help families fit their child’s school tuition into their monthly budget. Our goal is to help a wide range of families to be able to afford our programs through both our monthly payment option and our low tuition rates. Please also understand that while we provide this monthly payment option as a service to parents, we follow a normal international school calendar that has holidays at various times throughout the year. Tuition discounts are not available for any school holidays, as this is a normal part of our yearly calendar and tuition rate.

24 - How does TIK protect children from Heatstroke?

Heatstroke Prevention Policy: Tokyo International Kindercare understands the importance of taking steps to protect its children from heatstroke and heat fatigue during the warm summer months. Therefore, in order to protect our children, TIK adopts the following policy on Heatstroke Prevention:

  • During the months of June-September all TIK children are required to bring both a water bottle and a water bottle refill to school each day. Children will be instructed to hydrate throughout the course of the school day.
  • All TIK children are expected to wear cool Summer appropriate clothes, hats to protect from the sun, and adequate amounts of sunscreen.
  • Children should also keep a spare bottle of sunscreen at the school during Summer months. Sunscreen will be reapplied to all children before each outing.
  • When the temperature reaches 33 degrees Celsius, TIK will take additional preventative measures to protect its children from heatstroke. These steps are inclusive of, but not limited to the following:
  1. Reduced park times.
  2. Changing of park times to avoid exposure to the heat and sun.
  3. Cancelling of outdoor play to be replaced by indoor play.

25 - Am I able to take time off from the school in the event of childbirth?

Childbirth Absence Policy : Tokyo International Kindercare understands that at some point members of the TIK family may wish to have a second child. During this time some parents may wish to return to their hometowns or home countries to give birth. Therefore, in order to help facilitate this desire, and the successful return of the family to the school, TIK adopts the following policy on childbirth absence:

  • TIK Families are entitled to a maximum of 1 month of unpaid absence from the school for childbirth.
  • TIK Families utilizing the childbirth absence benefit simply must inform the TIK office 90 days prior to leaving the school.
  • The childbirth absence allotment is valid for exactly 1 month. Students who have not returned after 1 month will be required to reenroll to the school and repay all enrollment fees prior to return.
  • TIK Families that wish to take longer than the standard 1 month absence for childbirth must prepay three months of tuition before leaving the school. These tuition fees are to cover the first three months of the child’s return and must be set at a fixed date that may not be changed.
  • If a family decides to not return to TIK after a childbirth absence, all prepaid tuition fees will be forfeited and are non-refundable under any circumstances.