At TIK we firmly believe that music and the arts matter. A world without music and the arts is like living in a world with no color. With this in mind, TIK integrates a comprehensive creative development program with its daily curriculum.  The goal of TIK’s Creative Development Program is not only to develop a child’s creativity, sense of aesthetics, and artistic exploration, but to also enhance their academic experience.


TIK children participate in daily art classes. All art projects are integrated with our monthly thematic curriculum and fit in with the theme of the month and the topic of each day. This helps children to make creative connections to what they are learning academically on a daily basis.

In Art class, TIK children create:

  • Costumes and props for dramatic play
  • Paintings
  • 3-D models
  • Recycled art projects
  • Puppets
  • Mini play theaters
  • Explorative art projects


TIK children participate in daily music lessons. TIK’s music program in fully integrated with its monthly thematic curriculum; all of the songs learned each month are original compositions designed to help teach the vocabulary and concepts necessary for success in that month’s theme. Children have the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and gain exposure to new ideas and concepts in an extremely fun, exciting, and inventive way.

Additionally, TIK’s music program focuses on developing children’s sense of rhythm and movement, as well as their confidence to perform in front of an audience. TIK children engage in weekly live performances at Friday Family Circle Time as well as performing at a host of different school events and festivals.

TIK’s Music Program:

  • Uses 100% original compositions
  • Uses music that integrates vital vocabulary and concepts from the monthly curriculum to enhance student learning
  • Develops a sense of rhythm and musical appreciation in children
  • Develops stage presence in young children to give them the confidence they need to perform live in front of an audience
  • Affords children with weekly opportunities to perform live


Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which combines music, dance, and martial arts. Children participating in Capoeira sing songs in Portuguese, play the drums, engage in rhythmic dance, and master various martial arts techniques. Capoeira is a fantastic opportunity for children, as it helps to develop them musically, rhythmically, creatively, physically, and mentally. TIK is the only school in Japan that has a fully integrated Capoeira program in its curriculum. TIK children have the opportunity to train in Capoeira twice a week.

Benefits of Capoeira:

  • Exposure to a new language and culture
  • Physical and gross-motor skill development
  • Musical development
  • Rhythmic development
  • Gaining a sense of self-discipline
  • Learning to work fluidly as a team


Choosing an early education center can be one of the most difficult and stressful choices for a family. Every parent wants the best for their child. The question you may be asking yourself is… why TIK?

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*Age 18 months – 2.4 years

*Age 2.5 to 3.5 years

*Age 3.6 to 4.9 years

*Age 5 to 6 years