Birthdays are the universal sign of the passage of time in one’s life. As adults we dread these days as each successive birthday is yet another reminder of just how finite our time on earth is. However, for children, birthdays are a celebration. A celebration of life, growth, and change. One single day each year to celebrate everything that was, and to embrace the dream of what is yet to come.

A child’s birthday is a special moment in time, a memory that both parents and children can hold on to forever. Here at TIK we want to help make those memories truly special by giving families a day that they will never forget. At TIK we make birthday wishes come true. In partnership with the fantastic entertainers at Let’s Party Tokyo, we offer a host of different party themes to meet your child’s wildest dreams. We provide live entertainment, games, activities, balloon making and face painting to guarantee an unforgettable experience.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help create a birthday memory that will stay with your child for a lifetime!


A 3 hour deluxe party package with full use of TIK facilities and your choice of theme:

  • Clown Party

  • Ninja Party

  • Pirate Party

  • Princess Party

  • Magic Class Party

*All entertainment can be provided in English, Japanese, or both English and Japanese




  • 2 professional clowns for 90 minutes
  • Games and activities
  • Magic Show
  • Balloon creations for each child
  • Face painting


  • 2 Ninjas for 90 minutes
  • Ninja training games
  • Ninja magic with audience participation
  • Origami Ninja Star craft
  • Ninja Star throwing contest
  • Ninja balloon swords for each child
  • Ninja style face and hand painting


  • 2 Pirates for 90 minutes
  • Pirate themed games
  • Pirate magic with audience participation
  • Pirate balloon swords and hats for each child
  • Face painting


  • 1 Enchanting Fairy with 1 accompanying Clown or Pirate for 90 minutes
  • A Princess themed balloon for each child
  • A deluxe balloon sculpture for the birthday princess
  • Princess themed face painting for each child
  • A special magic show


  • 2 Magicians for 90 minutes
  • Learn 5 amazing magic tricks
  • Each child receives their own magic kit
  • Balloon creations for each child

*Decorations are the responsibility of the client, but some decorations may be borrowed from the school at no additional charge. Cleaning staff will be provided as part of the party package.


Bookings are available every Saturday and Sunday, as well as on some holidays.

Please contact us for availability:


Tel: 03-6441-0545


¥ 120,000

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